Your Marketing Machine

Marketing machine

You want your marketing to work like a well oiled marketing machine.

You set it up and your marketing happens automatically.

I compare your marketing to a machine such as a bike.

I took my bike in for a tune up recently.

In the shop they will have looked at all the key issues – the gears, the brakes, the chain etc to ensure not only that each element is working as it should but that they are all working smoothly together.

Just like you want your marketing to do.

Now I don’t know how many different marketing elements and channels you’re using.

The advice is always to have several – six or seven at least.

This is so that if one starts to malfunction, the impact won’t be disastrous, as the other channels will still continue to perform.

Whereas if you’re only using one or two channels and one starts to underperform, then you could be heading for a whole heap of trouble.

So let’s for sake of argument say that you’re utilising the following:

  • Website
  • Google Ads
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail

While each of these are stand alone activities, it’s vital that they work synergistically together – like a machine.

A marketing machine.

There should be a consistency of execution between all the activities so that the brand message is repeated and re-enforced in each different channel.

The website is of course the key element within this.

No one is going to do business without checking you out on line first.

On your website visitors must find the answers they’re looking for and be confident that you can solve their problems.

Your task then is to get traffic to the site which is where Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google My Business and remarketing come in.

Once these are set up, rather like my bike, they will need servicing – monitoring and tweaking but they should mainly run themselves like a marketing machine.

If you also add in a lead magnet and an auto responder sequence onto your site, your marketing should happen automatically, like the aforesaid marketing machine.

What you do need to do however, rather like the bike mechanic, is to be regularly looking at each element and seeing if you can improve and refine it.

Having done that you also need to measure and track your results so that you always know what’s happening and are confident that you’re getting a positive ROI.

Armed with this knowledge you can then confidently increase your spend, so increasing your results and so continuously increasing your business.

While it sounds easy, if you need help with your marketing machine just give me a shout on mikejennings@bda.me.uk or call me on 01483 200387.