Your Customer Proposition

Your customer proposition is one of the key determinants of your business success.

Last Friday I was working with a Client who has a couple of businesses.

I have already done the website for one of his businesses and am now starting on the second.

The first part of the process is to develop the customer proposition.

Unless what your business actually offers customers – the proposition, is attractive enough, you’re not going to win new customers.

The Areas To Consider

There are about 10 different areas in your customer proposition to consider.

One of the most important is what are the stereotypical issues that people hate about your industry.

If you identify these and make sure you don’t make these mistakes, then in effect you overcome people’s objections before they’ve even raised them.

In this way you can differentiate your business from your competitors and make yourself the obvious choice.

When explaining the process to clients, I always use builders as the example.

Having had a bad experience several years ago with a builder, I speak from personal experience.

My client last Friday was a builder so I thought it would be easy.

My contention is that people hate it:

  • When the building work runs significantly overtime
  • When the builders don’t turn up when they should
  • When the costs exceed the estimate
  • When the site is left in a mess
  • When the blokes are scruffy and rude
  • When the neighbours are disturbed by the work

These were all issues that we were faced with and hated.

However my client didn’t agree with any of the points and didn’t believe they were important.

I tried to persuade him that householders really do care about these issues and that they would be more likely to choose a builder who had re-assured them on these points.

To be honest it all became a little bit awkward and we had to agree to disagree.

His website will lack some key selling messages because of this.

Why Us?

It also means that we probably won’t have a “Why Us” page.

The “Why Us” page is one of the most important on the site.

This is where you highlight all the ways in which you offer more than your competitors.

Without it his website will be less effective and less likely to turn visitors into enquirers.

I strongly suggest you analyse your sector and identify the equivalent of the issues above.

Then  ensure that you’re not doing the same.

Get your customer proposition right and you will differentiate yourselves and go a long way to making you the obvious choice.

If you want to create a killer customer proposition get in touch on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk , call me on 01483 200387