You Gotta Be Brave To Be A Successful Blogger

Starting a new blog can be daunting, especially when you think how many millions of pages of information, from millions of content producers, are already out there trying to get noticed.That’s one heck of a mountain to climb!

This means your blog has an insane amount of competition, when it comes to capturing people’s attention.Ironically, at a time when you are seeking to be as visible as possible, the temptation is often totry and copy what you see the most successful sites doing.

The challenge with that approach, as many people have learned the hard way, is that you end up with a diluted version of another site.That’s not going to be a powerful enough proposition, for people to keep coming back to your site.

In my experience, the people who solve this challenge the best, are those who allow their own unique personality to come across in their work.

Why you’ve gotta be brave

The thing is, expressing your own point of view takes courage; especially when you know it will be challenged.We learn at school that it’s easier tojust fit in with what the crowd are doingand the same is true in many workplaces too.

As a result, many people start blogging and just swim in the same direction as the other bloggers in their niche, which is the polar opposite of what they should be doing.

Be Yourself

Shareyourexperiences,yourstories,youropinions andyourinsights on yourblog.Also, learn to be comfortable making a point, even if you think some people will disagree with you.It’s what makes what you have to say worthy of people’s attention and interesting enough, for them to want to share with their friends!