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What’s Content Marketing All About?

Content marketing is one of those expressions you hear, but not so many people actually know what it entails.

Content marketing is producing useful, valuable content that educates your customers and prospects.

It helps to build trust, authority and even ‘thought leadership’ in your industry rather than just forcing sales and marketing messages in people’s faces.

With the rise in inbound marketing content marketing has never been so important.

Content marketing by itself is unlikely to deliver new business. Instead it works with other marketing techniques such as blogging, SEO, PPC, email marketing etc reinforcing your messages and building credibility.

What forms does content marketing take?

Content can be written, spoken or in video or graphical format.

This can be used in:

  • Blogs: An article, like this one.
  • White papers: An detailed and expert exploration of a topic.
  • Guides: shorter than a white paper, a guide will explore a topic but may well be more practical
  • eBooks: normally quite substantial items designed to be consumed on a screen. Ebooks will go into a lot of detail on chunky subject matter.
  • Case studies: a detailed explanation of what you did to solve a particular business situation that you faced and the results you got.
  • A book: Both printed and as a longer eBook for example on a Kindle
  • Podcasts: An audio file that could be an interview or give hints and tips. This is usually distributed via iTunes
  • Videos: interviews, ‘how to’ guides, testimonials. Anything with a video camera
  • Presentations: A PowerPoint (or similar) presentation that tells a story or presents an idea. These can be distributed on websites like SlideShare
  • Infograpics: Graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge
  • Webinars: a presentation to a group of people live over the web which people will usually have signed up to in advance.

This content can then be distributed on your website, blog, social media, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, SlideShare and many more places.

So what Content Marketing should you start with?

There is no simple answer to this, however it’s worth asking yourself, and the people in your business some questions:

  • What content do you enjoy producing? If you’re a good writer written content is the place to start. If you love being in front of a camera video may be best for you
  • What do other companies in your industry do? Should you do the same as them to keep up or can you do something different?
  • How does your target market consume content? A gym goer may consume more podcasts as they are in the gym a lot with their iPod. Someone who spends all day at a desk in an office may prefer written content

Whatever you choose the important thing is to getting some quality content out there.