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What Really Motivates Your Customers Buy?

There are many reasons why people buy, but whatever product you sell, you will find there are a much smaller number of core motivations.

The following list can’t be comprehensive, but covers the great majority of buying decisions:

  • To make money
  • To save money
  • To save time
  • To save effort
  • To be more comfortable
  • To achieve greater cleanliness
  • To attain better health
  • To be popular
  • To attract the opposite sex
  • To keep hold of possessions
  • To increase enjoyment
  • To gratify curiosity
  • To protect family
  • To be fashionable
  • To satisfy appetite
  • To avoid trouble
  • To avoid criticism
  • To be individual
  • To make work easier

Some fairly primeval motivations there! Some we may not even readily admit to. But they are the things that drive us!

Now ask yourself, how compellingly does your marketing zero in on, and develop, one or more of those motivators?

How Compelling Is Your Copy?

If your words are going to move people to action, you need to really get inside their heads, and appeal to those buying motivations listed above.

In advertising studies done over the years, certain words, known as Power Words appear time after time. The most common of these are:

  • You (or Your)
  • How
  • New
  • Who
  • Money

While there are of course lots more power words, if you check the five above against the list of motivating factors, you’ll see that these five cover a large proportion of them.

The fact that “You” appears at the top of the list is highly significant.

“The Point of You”

The importance of the “Point of You” is that the writer is putting himself in the customers’ position and talking directly to the reader.

When you talk about what your customer wants and the emotion that really motivates them, then you will connect with them on both the conscious and unconscious level and  you’ll be on to a sure fire winner.

So when you write your copy, remember to focus on the “Point of You”, utilise power words in your headlines and body copy and make sure you identify and satisfy those buying motivators.