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What Is There About Your Business That Makes Your Customers Go “Wow”

Does your business have the” Wow Factor”?

When I work with new clients on their customer proposition, one of the elements we work on is what can we do or offer that will give us the Wow factor. What I’m looking for is something about their service that the customer isn’t expecting, which  absolutely knocks their socks off.

You achieve the Wow factor when you go over and above the customer’s expectation and surprise and amaze them.

The first time I can remember being wowed in this way, was the first time the garage that was servicing my car, cleaned it inside and out. I was absolutely bowled over.

Why Is the Wow Factor so important?

Having been wowed by the garage servicing my car I did two things.

  1. I became a raving fan of and totally loyal to that garage.
  2. I told all my friends about it.

This is possibly the key point. When you bowl your customers over, the likelihood is that they will sing your praises far and wide. Your number of referrals is likely to rocket.

The Wow Factor doesn’t have to be big and expensive

My wife is a chiropractor. After she has treated a new patient, the next day she will phone them up just to check that they’re feeling OK.

Time spent: 3 minutes. Cost: 5p.

Effect on the patient: Massive.
She has demonstrated that she actually cares about them and they’re not just a statistic and a source of income.

A few months ago I was working with a technical writer and we were agonising over what he could do to give his service the Wow Factor.

What we agreed was that after doing a piece of work, he would hand write a letter thanking the client for the work.

OK you say it doesn’t sound like much but when did you last receive a hand written letter in your business.

You’d certainly remember it wouldn’t you?

So have a good look at your business and decide what you can do to give yourself the Wow Factor. I guarantee that your business will benefit massively.