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What Are The Moments Of Truth For Your Business?

Every business has its moments of truth.

Those moments when you interact with your customers.

Those moments when you have the opportunity to  give them a level of service that will delight them and which they will remember and talk about to their friends

Those moments when you decide that your business is going to be extraordinary and stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Moments of truth are a key element in your small business marketing as they are totally about your customers and the experience they receive when dealing with your business. It’s got nothing to do with making sales.  It’s got everything to do with satisfying your customers’  every need.

If occasionally, to satisfy that customer need, you have to refer them to a competitor, you will make yourself far more memorable than by selling them something which doesn’t quite fulfil their needs.

Have a look at your business and at every single customer interaction whether that is before, during or after the sale. Put yourself in the customer’s position.

Identify how you would like to be treated, how you would like to feel at every stage of the process. Then go one step further and decide what the ultimate experience would be for every interaction.

That ultimate experience should be your goal.

To provide that level of customer experience might cost you money and it will definitely cost you time but you can be absolutely confident that what you will receive back in terms of customer loyalty and customer referrals will vastly outweigh your upfront investment.