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Transform Your Small Business Sales and Marketing Success

If I were to tell you that there is one ingredient which we all have access to which can dramatically change the success of all your sales and marketing activities, how would you respond?

  • Would you think I was one of these slimy snake oil salesmen, who promise the world if you buy my new “get rich quick” scam?
  • Would you embrace me as the messiah and say you’ve been searching for this one elusive secret that will change your business and personal fortunes?
  • Or perhaps you’d look at me with an interested expression and ask me to share my secret.

Whatever your response, I’m very happy to share this magical new idea – it’s called enthusiasm.

Now before you start looking disappointed, I’m serious that enthusiasm can and will have a dramatic impact on your marketing and your sales success.

Imagine for a moment that you have two sales people in front of you.

One presents with passion and flair, using evocative language and engaging you fully in the presentation.

The other says basically the same but in a monotone, avoiding eye contact and with a demeanour that says he’d rather be somewhere else.

We all know who we’d buy from.

It’s the same with the written word.

Which of these two lines are you most likely to respond to?

“I have some information about our new product which you might find interesting” or “ I’ve got some great new information which I think will have real benefits for you and your business”.

Enthusiasm is infectious. If you’re enthusiastic about something, it tells me that you think it is good and have confidence in it. Your confidence and enthusiasm are transmitted to me with the likelihood that I take whatever action you want me to take.

One word of caution.

While enthusiasm is great and without it your sales and marketing efforts will struggle, over enthusiasm can be annoying.

If you are gushing and behaving like an excitable puppy, you are likely to put off and irritate your audience and come over as hard selling and pushy.

So review your website and marketing materials and check that you can hear an enthusiastic, confident and persuasive voice coming through.

Remember – enthusiasm sweeps people along with you and persuades them to do what you want them to do.

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