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The Ultimate Marketing Weapon

99% of your website visitors will leave without making any kind of contact.

This is a criminal waste.

These people are interested in whatever it is that you sell. They must be – they’ve already made the choice to visit your website once.

They are prime prospects.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could track these people and have another go at selling them the idea of doing business with you?

Well what do you know – you can.

There’s a relatively new innovation called Remarketing, which not surprisingly Google are leading on, where you can track your website visitors and re-present your marketing messages to them.

This is one of the coolest developments in marketing in recent times and is something all business owners should be using.

How does it work?

Someone visits your website and a cookie (just a small snippet of code) is placed in their browser. They then leave your site and wend their way around the internet. Inevitably they will land at some stage on a site owned by or partnered with the Google Display network.

At that stage the cookie is read, which triggers your remarketing ad to be displayed.

So now they suddenly are presented with your ad – promoting a business or service that they’ve already shown interest in.

So imagine the scenario.

Someone who’s in the market for what you sell visits your website. Being one of the 99%, they’re not sufficiently grabbed by your website so after a while they leave and head off into the ether.

Say they now, for example, visit the site of a national newspaper who happens to be a Google advertising partner. At this stage Google reads the snippet of code, realises that they’ve been to your website and so serves up your ad.

Just think what impact this might have on your visitor. He’s on the site of a large and prestigious daily newspaper and suddenly he sees your ad. Seeing you in such exalted company, he now thinks “I’d better reassess my view of these people, there’s obviously more to them than I realised. Perhaps I should have another look.

The way it works means that your website visitors will see your ads pretty regularly and on some high profile partner sites. This gives your business a sense of scale. It can appear that you’re all over the internet which can cause people to change the way they see your business. Suddenly you seem much larger and more worthy of consideration than they had formerly thought.

The other great thing about remarketing is that you can set it up with amazing precision. In the example above, even if the daily newspaper is a national site, you can set up your remarketing campaign to only show your ads to people within a set geographical area.

So how much does remarketing cost?

Unlike traditional advertising where you pay for the space irrespective of how many people see or respond to your advertising, remarketing works on a pay per click model so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. There’s no wastage or inaccurate targeting – you only pay when a serious potential customer responds to your ad.

You also are in complete control of where you send them. You can send them to a standard page of your website or to a specially constructed landing page – you’re in charge.

Don’t you think it’s time you started remarketing?
Mike Jennings
Marketing Consulting Expert, Lead Generation, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Get More Clients, Increase Revenue