The Secrets Of An Effective Marketing Funnel


The benefit of having an effective marketing funnel is when you get new prospect and you don’t have to do any selling.


You speak to your prospect and they’ve decided in advance that they want to do business with you.


They’ve pre-sold themselves.


I had one the other week.


The lady had obviously decided before we met that she wanted to work with me. At the end of the meeting she asked if I was happy and prepared to work with her.


Oh happy day.


So how had this come about?


She had been to my website, she’d watched my video, she’d downloaded my free ebook, she’d received my auto responder sequence and then she phoned me and we made the appointment.


This was an example of an effective marketing funnel working to the max and is a great way to win new business.


How does a marketing funnel work?


When deciding whether to do business with someone new, most people have to go through the “know, like, trust” process.


They have to get to know you, they have to decide that they like you and that they trust you both as a person and also to deliver what you sell.


Achieving this through digital marketing is a real challenge.


How can you build the “know, like, trust” relationship online?


The key piece will be your website, which will need to persuade people to take the next step to engage with you further.


Within your website, video is the element which will make this happen.


A warm and engaging video will introduce you to your prospects.


It enables them to get an initial opinion of you – do they like the way you present yourself and does what you’re saying resonate with them?


The video will give you the opportunity to encourage them into the first stage of the funnel.


Here they can download your free ebook or report which will deliver value and start to demonstrate your expertise.


Now you have their (GDPR compliant) contact details, you then send them an auto responder sequence.


This will continue to introduce your personality and demonstrate your expertise while selling your services.


By the end of the series of emails, you should have either gained them as a customer or have arranged to meet.


If neither of these has happened, they’ll go into your email marketing system, giving you the opportunity to communicate regularly and so continue the process.


So that was how I got my fabulous meeting.


If you want an effective marketing funnel to do the same for you, get in touch on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or call me on 01483 200387.