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The Need For Stand Out In Small Business Marketing

Unfortunately none of us operate in a vacuum.

We all have competition and lots of it.

This means when a prospective customer is looking to buy our services, there is lots of choice.

You only have to look through the Yellow Pages in any given sector to see

  1. How many companies there are operating in every sector
  2. How similar most businesses are.

The reason I mention the Yellow Pages is that being a traditional medium, a lot of the advertisers in it are traditional in their approach to their marketing and this is reflected in their advertisements.

If as a buyer you cannot discern any obvious differences between competing businesses, the only thing you have left to influence your decision is the price. So if you do not have any meaningful point of difference from your competitors, you may well find yourselves slogging it out on price and that is not a happy or a profitable battle field to fight on

So What’s The Answer?

The answer is of course that your business has got to stand out in some ways. It has got to be seen as the best and hopefully the obvious choice which offers more benefits to customers than the competitors.

So how are you going to make your business stand out?

There are of course any number of ways and the following list will hopefully give you some ideas.

  • Engineer your products to be superior to the competition
  • Produce your product in unique sizes and colours
  • Offer the widest product range
  • Give more for the money
  • Deliver faster
  • Offer a guarantee
  • Offer a free trial
  • Offer flexible payment terms
  • Accept the widest range of payment methods
  • Train your staff to be the most knowledgable and helpful
  • Give a fantastic after sales service
  • Make great special offers
  • Offer special VIP members benefits

You of course will create stand out relevant and appropriate to your business. Remember when your business stands out from the competition you can charge the price you deserve because price is no longer the primary motivator to buy from you.