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The Most Powerful Words To Use In Your Copywriting

What are the best and most powerful words to use in copywriting is a question I hear all the time because copywriting is one of the key marketing skills – being able to manipulate words which resonate with readers and persuade them to buy your products.

Within the copywriters’ armoury there are certain words which have been proven to be winners and which when used correctly virtually guarantee you a great response rate.


Below I’ve listed a number of these copywriting “power words”. Use them in your website, emails, sales letters and brochures and see the impact they have on your marketing.

The most powerful word you can use. We all love anything that’s Free. Free will always draw the eye and will ensure that the sentence is read.

We all want things to be easy. We want results to be easy to achieve. We want everything easy. If your product or service makes peoples’ lives easier, make sure you tell them.

The magic word in all good copy. The word ‘you’ makes your copy a personal conversation with the person reading it.

No Risk
If customers perceive there to be a risk in buying your product, then they probably won’t. If you can remove that risk then the decision to buy from you becomes so much easier. Remove the risk and you’ll massively grow your sales.

Everyone wants the ‘new’ thing. We may be bored with old stuff but something ‘new’ may well get our interest.

Scarcity is an important marketing tool. If there is a limited supply of your product, customers will take action out of fear of missing out.

People don’t want to have to wrestle with something complicated. If it’s simple and you don’t have to be a genius to understand it I may be interested.

People buy things that are going to solve their problem. Outline the problem and then demonstrate how you can solve it.

The ultimate risk elimination is the guarantee. Take away the risk and there’s no reason for me not to buy from you.

There’s something about the word ‘Yes’ It just works wonders. When you speak to customers use it a lot.

It’s important to use the word important. People want to know about important things and it’s a word that grabs the reader’s attention. And that’s important!

We all want things to happen fast. If you can do it – tell them.

Proven / Proof
If you can prove the claims you’re making, you remove the scope for scepticism.

There comes a point when you need to tell your customer what to do. They need to call you, or order from you or ‘click here.’ But you don’t want them doing it tomorrow or next week. You want them to do it now.

So to guarantee that your marketing has the maximum impact, make sure your copy is full of these “power words”.

If you’re not confident of your copywriting skills and you want words that turn readers into buyers get in touch today.