The Marketing Process

Marketing process

The marketing process can be broken down into a few clearly defined steps.

At this time of year when Spring is springing, you can see how the marketing process is similar to the process of nature especially of growing vegetables.

You see there are four stages to growing veg:

  1. Preparing the ground and getting ready
  2. Sowing the seeds and germinating the plants
  3. Nurturing the young plants and looking after them to maturity
  4. Harvesting the produce and enjoying the benefits of your work

The marketing process can be divided up in a similar fashion.

  1. You’ve got to do the preparatory work – get the ground ready.
  • Be clear on your objectives
  • Precisely identify your target audience.
  • Decide what marketing channels you’re going to use
  • Identify powerful messages which will resonate with your audience
  • Decide on your budget
  • Prepare your collateral – this will include getting your website right, writing any emails, producing leaflets, flyers etc and putting your digital marketing in place.

2. So you’ve now got to sow those seeds – which means getting your messages out there.

Whether this means PPC advertising on Google and Facebook, getting active on LinkedIn, executing an email campaign, exhibiting at relevant exhibitions, sending out some direct mail, attending networking groups, whichever channels you’ve decided on.

If you’ve selected your target audience correctly and devised compelling messages, the ground you’re sowing your seeds into should be fertile and receptive.

3. By this stage you there should be the green shoots of response showing through.

Some may have contacted you already, others will be interested but not identified themselves.

Now you’ve got to nurture and care for these tender shoots – keep them well watered and weed free.

This will involve keeping in contact, continuing to give them persuasive messages, showing them how you can solve their problems, giving them examples of how you’ve solved similar problems for other people.

This stage is about building trust and confidence among your prospects so their interest develops into something fruitful so they get in touch.

4. It’s now all about harvesting.

Your prospects are ripe and ready for picking.

You just have to close the deal and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

But remember you don’t just want one picking.

Look after the plants well and they will go on bearing fruit for years to come.

So if you’re green fingers don’t extend to your marketing process, give me a shout on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk , or call me on 01483 200387.