The Importance Of Consistency In Your Marketing


I was reminded last week on the importance of consistency in your marketing.

I went to see a business who do kitchens and fitted bedroom furniture.

Their websites are both pretty good. A bit wordy maybe and you could tell they hadn’t been written by a native English speaker but they were not bad at all.

They succeeded in giving the impression of a substantial company, supplying a quality product.

As I later discovered they’re turning over more than £1 million so it’s a serious business.

If I was in the market for a kitchen I would be interested to go to the showroom and see the product first hand.

And that would be where it would all go wrong for me.

The business is based right next door to Wembley Stadium on a very tired looking 1950s style industrial estate.

Outside there was no dedicated customer parking and there wasn’t even a sign over the door to publicise the business.

I had to go into a furniture store next door to get directions.

Inside there was a rather grubby staircase and still no sign of the business until you got to the first floor where you started to see some kitchen and bedroom displays.

However the place felt unfinished and scruffy which if I was trying to buy a kitchen would put me off completely.

Now it transpired that the majority of their business currently comes from referrals. Customers see the kitchens in friends’ houses and buy on the strength of that.

If that was how their business model was going to continue to work then fine. But as their manufacturing facility only operates at 30% capacity currently and they plan to more than double their business, they will need to convince buyers like me.

They’ve also started investing in Google Adwords and SEO so they have already started to try to attract a new audience.

That will mean upping their game on the merchandising and display front.

So today’s message is about the importance of consistency in all your marketing channels to give a consistent message and to work synergistically together.

This will start with your corporate identity which should dictate the style and brand values of your business.

This should then be carried through in all your marketing materials from your website, to brochures, to stationery, to vehicles, your offices or retail outlets, your staff uniforms etc etc.

From Mr Kitchen man’s point to view the nightmare would be if he spends money generating leads through Adwords who then are turned off by the reality of the showroom.

If you need help ensuring that you have consistency in your marketing and branding and you give one consistent message to your prospects so that they feel confident in your business then give me a shout on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or call me on 01483 200387.