The Best Way To Sell

The best way to sell

What is the best way to sell?

Once you’ve learnt the best way to sell, business becomes so much easier.

The sad truth is that most people are rubbish at sales.


Because they’re selling.

While most people love to buy they hate being overtly sold to.

Traditionally selling is all about overcoming objections, pushing people into corners and then closing the deal.

Instead of wooing them it’s more like beating them up.

This kind of selling is a tough job which is why most people are rubbish at it.

Now you may very well have excellent products which will do a great job for me but because I feel I’m being manipulated, that the salesman isn’t thinking about me and my needs, but thinking about his month end figures, I react negatively and become very unlikely to buy.

Just like people react in a relationship when their wants are ignored.

The top sales people don’t sell – they woo their customers by building relationships and satisfying their every need.

Does it satisfy my desires?

Now if you’re going to buy something, you’re going to want to know how the product satisfies your desires.

  • What does it do?
  • What benefits does it deliver to you?
  • What problems in your life does it solve?
  • What guarantees does it come with?
  • Can you trial it in advance?
  • How can I get hold of it?
  • Do other users recommend it – what social proof is there?

You need to market your products to your prospective buyers so that it satisfies their every need.

You need to use the basic principles of marketing:

  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Craft sweet nothings for each of your target groups so that your messages are totally relevant to them?
  • Know where your potential dates hang out? Only when you know where these people spend their time can you decide which methods of communication to use.

I go through this process with my clients to ensure that their marketing hits the spot.

The upshot will be that you no longer have to hard sell your prospects as you will have created the environment in which they become putty in your hands.

So to discover the best way to sell and become a sales Casanova, get in touch by emailing me on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk , by calling me on 01483 200387.