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Successful Small Business Marketing Is All About Clarity

Whether we’re talking about websites, emails, advertisements or flyers, we have to grab our readers attention instantly.

For this reason your words have to communicate absolutely clearly precisely what you do, what benefits you deliver, who will benefit from your service and what they should do next.

Alongside the need for clarity is also the need for brevity. Actually not so much brevity but conciseness. A message communicated in 10 words will be more powerful than in 20. The more concise and succinct your message,  the more likely it is to be read and therefore the more likely it is to be acted upon.

How clear is your home page?

Website home pages are a classic example of where clarity is so important. Statistics tell us we only have a few seconds to grab visitors attention (anywhere between 3 – 9 seconds, depending on who you listen to.)

A message that starts with Welcome to our website. We have been trading since………… is unlikely to grab your attention. Instead of clicking to another page for further information or sharing your contact details in exchange for a report of some kind, you are likely to leave the site altogether, even if the company could potentially have solved your problem.

However a concise sentence that describes exactly what the company does and the real underlying benefit they deliver to you would have let you know exactly whether the company could solve your problems and whether you’re on the right site or not. Your next step – either to another part of the site or to leave the site would have been taken from a position of knowledge.

The same point holds good for any other marketing medium. The clarity of your headline and opening paragraph will tell a prospective reader immediately whether  whatever you’re selling is relevant to them and whether it will benefit them.