Sometimes Traditional Marketing Is The Right Approach

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing can still be relevant to your business.

I had a good example of this just last week.

My household insurance had to be renewed and for once actually looked through the small print.

I was concerned with the bit that said that burglary claims would only be covered if the right kind of locks were in place.

So I got Nigel, my insurance broker, to come round and give me some advice.

The upshot was that I need new 5 lever mortice locks on my front and back doors.

I then talked to him about his business and how he generates new clients.

He’s in the happy situation where as long as he provides a competitive quote each year, his client retention is over 90%.

It turned out that his is the kind of business where traditional marketing is much more relevant than digital.

Now normally I recommend small businesses like his to put a simple digital marketing strategy in place – revolving predominantly around a high quality website and a traffic strategy to drive visitors to the site.

However in this case this wouldn’t be the right approach because:

  1. His direct competitors are the national insurance companies such as Direct Line, Go Compare, Co-op insurance etc.
    These companies have very deep pockets and a small business is not going to be able to compete both in organic SEO or Google Ads.
  2. For matters like insurance many people talk to their friends for guidance and referrals instead of just doing a Google search.

So what approach should a business like this take?

  1. Professional introducers

Referrals are a great source of new business.

Nigel should therefore develop relationships with trusted professionals such as accountants and lawyers.

When your accountant makes a recommendation on a financial issue, most of us would trust them and take up the referral.

  • Networking

If you can develop a powerful proposition networking is a very good source of business.

Nigel stands up and commits to being able to provide a cheaper quote or better cover for the same money as the major players.

If someone makes an offer like that, why wouldn’t you ask for a quote – you’ve got nothing to lose.

  • Cross selling to existing customers

Nigel’s existing customers should always be his best source of new business.

If he maintains close relationships with his customers and knows any changes to their personal and professional situation, he can proactively offer them new products and services to cover their changed circumstances.

The secret here is only to offer products that are genuinely beneficial to the customer as this will position you as a valued supplier.

Get it wrong and you’ll be just another supplier trying to flog unwanted and irrelevant stuff.

So if you’ve got customers who think like Nigel’s it may be that a traditional marketing approach is right for you.

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