Some Important Marketing Lessons

Marketing lessons

I received some important marketing lessons last week.

I came home one day to find a large, flat, brown box on the door mat.

It was from a company called Bloom and Wild and it was obvious that it contained flowers.

Assuming they were for my wife, I was very surprised to find they were for me.

In fact they were from a client who was saying thank you for a recent job.

When I went through the package in detail I was very impressed with their commercial nous.

This is obviously a switched on company as there were a whole load of marketing lessons in the package.

  • There were several messages printed on the packaging, written in a warm, friendly, tongue in cheek manner – such as “You could excitedly rip your box open …………… but lifting it here is much easier”.
  • They ask for feedback (testimonials by another name) on the packaging and offer a prize in return. Testimonials are so important but often hard to get.
  • They make great play of the fact that their customer service people are available 7 days a week until 10.00pm. The message here was how much they care about the customer experience.

Inside the box they had included several bits of marketing collateral:

  • A leaflet full of information about how to arrange the flowers, what sort of vase to use, how to look after the flowers and information about the bouquet itself – all of which build value into the product.
  • Each bouquet has its own name so further personalising the service.
  • An envelope containing material from third party companies which would generate additional revenue for the company.
  • A leaflet and a discount voucher for Mothers’ Day – giving me a reason to use their service.

Out of interest, I later went on their website where they have a huge range of Mothers’ Day bouquets, all of which have different names.

They have “The Incredible Mum”, “The Brilliant Mum”, “The Fantastic Mum” etc – another clever touch to personalise and differentiate their service.

  • They don’t limit themselves to just flowers. Their bouquets can be augmented with chocolates, biscuits even vases so increasing the transaction value.

All in all a very well thought through package which contained several marketing lessons we can all learn from.

And the flowers – yup they were nice too and are currently brightening up our hallway.

I don’t give marketing lessons but if you’d like help putting together a similarly well thought through marketing campaign, give me a shout on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or call me on 01483 200387.