Re-Building Your Brand

How do you go about re-building your brand, if for some reason it’s become tired or tarnished?

The example I’m going to use is the England football team and what happened at the World Cup last summer.

The England football brand has suffered badly over the years due to poor performances and badly behaved players and supporters.

The public fell out of love with brand England.

While the Premiership has thrived, England have struggled.

This resulted in much less media coverage and a lack of companies wanting to sponsor the brand.

But what happened in the summer turned that around.

Why was it different this time?

Because the team under promised and over delivered.

Scarred by previous experiences, this time we had no expectations.

The result was that they exceeded our expectations so making the whole experience so much more positive.

If building or re-building your brand you should follow this approach with your business.

If you promise the world you will probably win plenty of customers.

But if you then under deliver and  disappoint your customers you can be sure that the relationship will be very short.

Even worse than that will be your word of mouth publicity.

These disappointed customers will tell their friends how your business failed to deliver on your overinflated promise.

How much better to make a realistic promise and then delight your customers by exceeding their expectations.

The result will be loyal customers who love your business and glowing referrals to friends and associates.

The England team also scored off the field as well as on it.

They managed to rebuild the connection with the fans and with the country.

The manager, Gareth Southgate and the captain, Harry Kane achieved this by the way they presented themselves.

They’re both polite, well mannered and clean cut.

A million miles away from the image some of our other footballing “heroes” have presented us with.

This resonated with middle England, who were able to identify more comfortably with them and  rebuilt brand “Engerland”.

Another lesson for business.

Businesses need to ensure that all aspects of their brand are aligned with the values and tastes of their customers and target audience.

In this way they can forge intellectual and emotional bonds with their customers thereby tying them in long term.

If you need help re-building your brand and ensuring your business builds these bonds with your customers, get in touch on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk, call me on 01483 200387.