Popular Marketing Trends You Need To Be Following in 2018

Though 2017 is not yet over, this is always a good time of year to step back and take stock.

You can evaluate your marketing strategy and consider the marketing techniques that have been working well and which are set to dominate in the coming year.

With so many channels available, such analysis is always useful for generating new ideas on how you can reach your customers.

So, to help get you ready for 2018, and to give you an edge over the competition, here are three marketing trends you should be actively pursuing.

1. Video as a Part of the Customer Journey

Not only is YouTube now the second largest search engine, it actually has the largest number of active monthly users.

In a basic sense, this demonstrates one thing: people love videos.

Not only are they a great way to demonstrate your product or service, they are an effective way to create more value for your audience and assist in both customer retention and generating new leads.

Read more about why you should be using video in your marketing here.

2. Utilise Social Messaging

We’ve seen a growing use of Live Chat capabilities over the last few years.

However, the power of free social messaging apps is great for small and large businesses alike.

Social media is where people hang out and contacting organisations via such means as Facebook Messenger is very convenient.

This is especially true as more than 60% of mobile users use this platform.

Advancements in technology now include automatic chatbots on messaging platforms that can respond to a number of basic questions and convert sales whilst you are busy working on other things.

3. Search Marketing is Alive and Kicking

The art of SEO and generating leads from Google is by no means new, but it is as important as ever, if not more so.

The major difference is that mobile now plays a more pivotal role in the consumer journey, especially with regards to location-based searching.

In fact, 80% of all “near me” searches are now being performed on a mobile device.

Google has placed much importance on its Google My Business functionality as it allows consumers to find the exact business they need, right at the point of purchase.

By actively pursuing a relevant SEO campaign, you can take advantage of what is dubbed “hyperlocal targeting”.

If you’re not sure how your business can adapt to these marketing methods, then it could be worthwhile speaking to an experienced marketing professional, like myself.

As a reputable marketing consultant in Surrey, I have already helped many clients improve their marketing campaigns and keep up with evolving trends.

So for further assistance, and to create a targeted strategy for your business, get in touch with me today.