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Misconceptions About Marketing

Here at BDA, I am dedicated to creating powerful, effective and well-thought through marketing campaigns.

However, there are quite a few misconceptions as to what this entails.

Lots of buzzwords – holistic marketing, data-driven content, influencer marketing etc etc only serve to confuse and intimidate people and can confuse the whole marketing process for the business owner.

So, what are the most common misconceptions that people have about marketing in the modern world?

The More the Merrier

Social media, email, PPC, SEO, content, and on and on and on.

There are a lot of marketing strategies out there. Some of them are important for everyone, while others have value but aren’t necessary.


A lot of the time marketers will insist you need it all.

But, this just isn’t the case.

What you need is a tailored marketing campaign for your company.

Techniques that work well and are relevant to one business won’t necessarily work for another and you’ll only find out by testing and assessing.

Basically, make sure you don’t run a campaign just for the sake of “doing some marketing”

Good marketing is smart marketing.

Small Businesses Don’t Need Marketing

So, you’ve heard of marketing and it sounds great but it’s only relevant for bigger businesses.

You’re small, maybe just a one-man band, and your customers come from word of mouth or small local paper adverts. You don’t need marketing.


Every business needs to actively market itself. Unless you’re out there giving relevant messages to your target audience your business is unlikely to thrive. This means you need to create a marketing plan.

Natural business growth needs a plan, so if you want to expand you need to make sure you have a marketing plan – no matter how small your business is!

Your Website is All You Need

Some people are under the impression that a website is the width and breadth of a marketing campaign.

It has all your company information, details and sells itself.

This begs the question of how are potential customers meant to find the website in the first place in order for it to ‘sell itself’?

website development

If your website’s on the second or third page of Google, very few people will ever find you..

But with an effective SEO campaign you could be at the top of the first page – ready and waiting for customers to find you.

So, don’t just rely on your website to gain your online sales. It may be a very long and frustrating wait.

You need to be proactive and to have a traffic strategy.

Marketing is all about driving sales, the first stage of which is to get your business seen in the first place.

Do you need some advice about the do’s and don’ts of marketing? Then don’t hesitate to contact me on 01483 200387 or email me at mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk.