Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business

Marketing your business is just the same as politicians selling themselves to their electorate.

This is very relevant right now in the wake of Theresa May’s resignation.

Now starts a mad rush by innumerable Conservative nobodies for the top job.

God knows why anyone would want it.

To get elected each one will have to persuade firstly Tory MPs and then the membership of the Tory party that they’re the best option.

Basically they’ve got to market themselves to these separate audiences to demonstrate that they’re the right man or woman for the job and that they will be able to win a general election.

The process is just like you marketing your business.

Both have got to show:

  1. What they stand for

The values they will uphold and the reasons they should be trusted.

  • The problems in people’s lives that they will solve.

This is the biggie both for a politician and for a small business owner.

While a politician has got to show how they’ll deal with Brexit, the economy, foreign policy etc  you have to be able to demonstrate how you can be the answer to your customers’ problems.

  • The benefits they will deliver.

This is a key issue.

Politicians and  business owners have to be able to articulate very clearly how their electorate/customers  will benefit from their services.

  • Why them

These wannabe Tory leaders have at least 10 opponents.

Each one has to make their case about why they should be the one chosen, the reasons that make them the obvious choice.

Again it’s the same with you marketing your business.

We all have loads of competitors and unless we can make a compelling case for why us then it’s unlikely that we will get the nod from our discerning customers.

  • The overall vision.

In my opinion the reason the Tories did so badly in the last election was because they failed to give the electorate a vision of how their lives were going to improve.

That requires a leader with imagination and vision and that does not describe our mate Theresa.

Again it’s the same with your business.

Give your customers an overall vision of where you’re going to take them that they can buy into and you’re on your way to success.

So I hope your business looks more encouraging than the Tory runners and riders otherwise God help you.

Failing help from on high, I’ll give you more terrestrial based support marketing your business, just email me on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or call on 01483 200387.