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Marketing Is an On Going and Long Term Commitment

A classic mistake that many companies make is to do a short burst of marketing, not get the results they hoped for and so stop.

That approach shows that unfortunately they don’t understand one of the basic premises of marketing.


These days the hard sell, quick close techniques that we were brought up on, have lost their effectiveness.

Marketing Bubbles

The internet not only gives us all immediate access to limitless amounts of information so we can do our research before making a decision but also gives us the ability to develop relationships with prospects, allowing them to make informed decisions before making a purchase.


You’ve probably heard that it takes up to 12 “touches” before a prospect decides to do business with you.

Now the key point is that technology allows us to keep in touch and nurture relationships easily and cheaply allowing prospects to decide to do business with us when they’re ready to buy as opposed to when we’re ready to sell.


This is the vital point.


We don’t know what’s happening in someone’s business or life. They may not be in the market today but in a couple of months’ time they may be and it’s our job to stay in contact and be in their consciousness when they’re ready.

One in a Million

This is the reason I send out an email to my database every Wednesday morning.


So do I get a flood of responses?


No I don’t but then I don’t expect to and I couldn’t handle them if I did.


What I do get is a slow trickle of responses from people who have decided that the time is right for them – they want more customers and more business and they want someone to make it happen for them.


So what should you be doing?


Build Your Database


Make sure you add all your contacts to your database.


This includes all current customers, all past customers, everyone who has downloaded your free report from your website, everyone you meet at networking meetings, exhibitions, conferences etc.


Once you have set up your database, segment it so that you have separate lists for customers, prospects, lapsed customers etc so that you can send them appropriately tailored communications.

Email Marketing

Don’t be afraid to include your competitors. You should try to build relationships with them. There’s plenty of business for everybody and if you have good relationships with your competitors, they may well direct business your way when they’re maxed out or if you have special expertise in an area where they’re not so strong.


By the same token there may be plenty of people who you know will never buy from you. They may work in complementary but non-competitive fields and serve the same target audience.


Nurture the relationship in the right way and they may well refer work to you when they can’t fulfil it themselves.


Communicate Regularly


So now you have your database, start communicating relevant messages consistently.


You need to decide your own regularity but once a month is the very least you should aim for.


Remember you’re looking to establish a relationship, to prove your expertise and remain top in their minds.


One communication every 8 weeks isn’t going to do that.


So get going!


If you need any help with any of this – setting up your communication system or with the on-going messaging, get in touch on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk, or call me on 01484 200387.