Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages

It’s vital that your landing  pages convert visitors to enquirers and customers.

So while the key first stage in the process is getting the click, converting the click is just as important, if not even more so.

So what makes good landing pages?

Firstly I think it would be helpful to identify exactly what landing pages need to achieve:

  1. To attract and engage the prospect
  2. To sell the benefits of your product
  3. To build trust in your product and business
  4. To compel the prospect to take action.

So how are your landing pages going to achieve all this?

  1. A Powerful, Benefit Rich Headline

The job of the headline is not to sell the product itself, but to draw the reader into the body copy.

It must answer a concern or need of the reader, whose response should be “I must read on because this has information which I’m interested in and is relevant to me”.

  1. A List Of Benefits

People will only buy something if it is going to solve a problem they may have.

By including a bulleted list of benefits you can show how much better off the prospect will be after they’ve bought your product.

  1. A Video

Remember at this stage the prospect probably hasn’t got a clue about you or your company.

Before they will buy anything they have to trust you.

A video is a great way to build that trust.

If you as the business owner present the video, you have the opportunity to present yourself as both trustworthy and likeable.

  1. Social Proof

While the video should have created an amount of trust, social proof will back it up.

There’s nothing as reassuring as hearing of the great experiences other customers have had with your product.

So include a couple of persuasive and relevant testimonials on your landing pages.

  1. Call To Action

Like any piece of marketing, you must finish off by telling the prospect what to do next.

The most powerful way to do it on landing pages is with a brightly coloured button.

Buttons are obviously for pressing, the colour attracts attention and the wording must encourage them to do it.

Text that promises a benefit such as “Yes I want the information” is perfect.

So there you have it – the elements you need to ensure your landing page maximises the uptake of your PPC ad offer.

If you need any help with putting your landing pages together, you know what to do – email me on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk, or call on 01483 200387.