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In Marketing More Doesn’t Always Mean More

Every day I work with small business owners, helping them to market their businesses more effectively.

With the cynicism that business owners have about marketing, the most difficult thing is usually to persuade them that they need to be actively marketing their businesses. But just occasionally I come across someone who really believes in marketing and who is frantically doing every marketing activity they can think of in the belief that the more they do the more successful they will be.

More doesn’t always mean more

While I have to admire their enthusiasm, in marketing terms, more doesn’t always mean more. If the activity is getting no response, simply doing more of it will give you even more of nothing, if you get my meaning. In fact doing more might actually be harming your business. People may actually start forming negative impressions of you and your business and may start unsubscribing from your list or start saying negative things about you.

If your marketing is having no impact there are two things you must do.

  1. Stop your activity immediately before you waste any more money and before you damage your reputation.
  2. Analyse what you’re doing and work out where you’re going wrong.

There are several areas you need to consider:

  1. Is there demand for my product? Is it solving a problem in people’s lives
  2. Am I marketing to the right audience?
  3. Do my audience all have the same needs or should I be tailoring my message of different segments of the audience?
  4. Is my message clear? Is it obvious what I’m offering and why people should buy it?
  5. Are the benefits clearly spelt out?
  6. Am I using the right communication channels is the message being delivered in the right way?
  7. Is the language I’m using appropriate for my target audience?
  8. Am I offering the right incentives to stimulate buying?
  9. Is my marketing co-ordinated? Does it all work together consistently?

The answer to the lack of success you’re having is bound to be contained within one or more of these questions.

You will need to honestly assess what you’re doing if necessary being quite brutal with yourself. Now I know how difficult it is to be truly objective with your own work, so if possible, bring ina third party who can look at what you’re doing and give you an objective and dispassionate view point.

Once you’ve identified what you believe to be the problem, make the changes and then start marketing again but in a limited and small scale way.

Monitor the results. If you’re now getting the results you’re looking for great. If not continue to tweak and trial until you get it right.