The importance Of Having A Standout Customer Proposition

I cannot overstate the importance of having a standout customer proposition.

I’m going to relate this to politics and the current situation with our EU negotiations.

The pressure on Theresa May seems to be increasing by the day.

Her chances of survival are starting to look pretty slim.

The problem is that she doesn’t seem to know what outcome she wants from Brexit.

Apparently Merkel is laughing at her because when she asks what she wants, May says “Make me an offer”.

Even if she was prepared to, which she probably isn’t, how can Merkel make her an offer if she doesn’t know what she wants.

This is relevant to you in your business – you have to know what it is your customers want, so that you can make sure you’re providing it.

Not only that but you have to make sure you are communicating clearly and effectively with your prospects that you’re providing what it is they’re looking for and how that will benefit them.

This is one of the most basic elements in marketing.

It amazes me how often when you land on a website you have to work really hard to figure out exactly what the company does.

Remember you have approximately 8 seconds to get your message across.

After this they’ll hit the back button and go elsewhere to find someone who makes it more obvious that they can solve their problem.

Your Customer Proposition

When I work with a new client, the first thing I do is work on their customer proposition:

  • What do they do – both from their point of view and more importantly from the customer’s point of view.
  • What problems in their customers’ lives do they solve.
  • What benefits do they provide.
  • How do they differ from their competitors – what makes them stand out and why should customers choose to do business with them.

But your customer proposition needs to be about more than just what you do.

You have to make it easy for people to decide to do business with you and that will entail removing the risk of trading with you.

  • Find a way to let them test drive your service – a free trial, a free consultation etc.
  • Provide a guarantee – if you can offer them their money back or some kind of recompense if they’re not entirely satisfied with your service, you take away all the risk for them.This makes it very much easier for them to decide to buy from you.

If you’re struggling to devise your customer proposition I have got a special offer for you.

I will run a Customer Proposition Session with you for just £199.

We’ll  create a killer offering for your prospects so turning your website visitors into enquirers and delivering a steady flow of new business.

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