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How To Use Your Small Business Marketing To Attract More High Quality Clients

Would you like to generate more high quality leads which convert to full fee paying clients?

To be honest I think all business owners, large or small are looking for this.

When I first start working with a new client I go through a process I call the “Marketing Fundamentals” in which we develop all the key building blocks of their customer proposition.

Target Audience

Part of this process entails defining as closely as possible their target audience. Who do they want to talk to?

The more precise we can be at this stage the better. If possible, in order to build up as accurate a picture of the ideal target as possible, we will create an avatar. What age is the ideal prospect, what sex, what does she do, where does she live, is she married, does she have children, what are her interests etc.

The benefit of this is that if you have a precise image of your prospect, you can create totally relevant communications to talk directly and relevantly to her.

The Benefits That You Offer

Your prospects have to be completely clear on the benefits of doing business with you. Therefore we identify and define the benefits that you offer which will make you the right option to do business with. These are the points that must be highlighted in your small business marketing communications.

What Makes You Stand Out?

Unfortunately we all have masses of competitors so for prospects to choose to do business with you, you must stand out. Now everyone talks about USPs. If you can find something which actually makes you unique that is fantastic.

However for many businesses that is not possible. To stand out therefore you will need a number of attributes which lift you above your competitors.

This could include:

  • A Guarantee – a money back guarantee or perhaps a Total Satisfaction Guarantee – something which removes the risk for your customers.
  • A Free Offer – a way that customers can dip their toe in the water with you at no cost.
  • A Wow factor – some element of customer service that your customers aren’t expecting that really knocks their socks off and demonstrates your level of care and service.

Clear Thinking

You don’t have to have special training to develop these elements of your proposition but you do need some clear and focussed thinking.

Doing this on your own or with colleagues from your business is often difficult. Stepping outside your business and thinking about it differently can be a challenge so I advise you to involve an outsider who can add a dispassionate external view point.