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How To Make Your Small Business Marketing Cut Through The Clutter

With the proliferation of websites, blogs, videos, podcasts etc etc consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day.  Marketing people therefore need to find a way to cut through all this noise and clutter to deliver their messages.

Marketing has always been predicated on the same fundamental principals. If you deliver the right message to the right people in the right manner at the right time you will get the right result.


It may be useful to break down these different elements.


Of these four elements the one you may have the least control over is the issue of timing. It has been estimated that at any one time around 3% of your audience may be in the market for your product. Now through the use of your CRM system you may know a bit more about the necessary timing or your product may have an obvious seasonality to it but these issues aside, you won’t necessarily know when your prospects may be ready to buy.

Selecting The Right Channels For Your Audience

When it comes to channels, we know we should all be using a multi channel approach. Selecting the right channel will be down to a large degree to how accurately you have profiled your target audience. If you have created an accurate avatar, you should be able to identify the correct channels to reach your prospects.

So that only leaves us with the message and this is where you can really cut through the clutter.

How to make your marketing relevant.

For your marketing to have traction, your message has got to be totally relevant to your audience. To make your message relevant we come back to the understanding of your audience, who they are and what they want. Assuming you know this then you can craft your message to appeal directly to them.

This will go a long way to cutting through the clutter but in the crowded market we have now you will need an extra element. That extra element is creativity. The creativity to make your communication stand out.

This creativity can take any form.

It might be in its visual appearance.

It might be the wording you use.

It could be the offer you make.

It could be in it’s physical manifestation or even in the way it’s delivered.,

However you do it, to stand out from the all the noise in the market place your communication will need to be totally relevant and have some creative hook which differentiates it from all the rest.

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