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How To Increase Your Website Conversions

No one is going to do business with you until they have checked you out online so it is vital that you maximise your website conversions.

Websites have to work really hard.

Looking pretty is no good to anyone. Website conversion is all about turning browsers into responders and ultimately customers.

So what are the key issues that you’ve got to get right?

Don’t waste your most valuable space

We’ve probably all heard the stat that you’ve only got 8 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention before they go elsewhere. Allied to that is the fact that 50% of visitors never actually scroll down the page.

This just emphasises the mistake I see all the time where people fill the top section of their home page with a scrolling selection of pretty pictures, which are somehow related to the business.

This is a waste of the most valuable real estate on the site.

This is the area where you should be hitting your visitors with a headline that communicates the biggest benefit you deliver or the greatest problem your visitors suffer from plus where you should be using a lead magnet to get your visitors’ contact details.

Have a look at my website and you’ll see what I mean www.bda.me.uk

The importance of video

Video is an absolute must these days on your website.

Google has always loved video and rewards you in its rankings.

But video can do some much more.

Video gives you the chance to introduce your personality into your website so in effect visitors are no longer interacting just with a website but also with you, the video presenter.

In a business such as mine communicating my personality and expertise are key objectives for me. Additionally you can use your video to tell people exactly what you want them to do and give them an immediate call to action.

The other thing is don’t hide your video away. Put it in prime position on the home page so encouraging people to play it and interact with you and the site.

If you’re not keen on actually featuring in the video you can always get someone else to be the spokesman for the business or you can do a Powerpoint presentation with a voice over.


If visitors are going to take action, they are going to need to be convinced by your site. To do this your site needs to be authoritative.

Authority can be created by showing your qualifications, any awards you’ve won, by including glowing customer testimonials and case histories which demonstrate the effectiveness of your solution.

Only when I have confidence in you will I take action and get in touch.


Mobile has now officially overtaken desk tops for searching the web. As a result earlier this year Google amended their search algorithms and now heavily penalises sites which aren’t both mobile responsive and mobile friendly

So you absolutely must make sure your site works on all devices otherwise not only will you miss out on over 50% of potential traffic but Google will give you a major ranking slapping.

Free website review worth £300

Having given you all this great advice, I’ll now back it up by offering you a free review of your current website to see how it is performing. I normally charge £300 for a review so not only will you learn how you can increase your website conversions but I’ll even do it for free.

So for your free review or for help with any other aspect of your marketing, contact me on mikejennings@bda.me.uk or call on 01483 200387.