How To Follow Up

Follow up

The way you follow up your leads will probably determine the success of your business.

Marketing generates the enquiry and it’s the job of sales to convert the lead into a customer.

But the problem is you can have all the leads in the world, but if you don’t convert them, you still haven’t got a business.

I was having this conversation with a client recently who was complaining that she wasn’t converting enough of her leads.

In the on-line lead generating process it’s normal to ask for a name and email address.

While the phone number would be very useful, asking for a phone number can reduce response rates by up to 50%.

People don’t want to run the risk of having someone hassling them on the phone.

My client was lamenting the fact that she does her follow up by email but often gets no response.

So I dug down a little deeper to discover what else she does to make contact and the answer was nothing as she only has the email address.

So we did a little experiment.

By looking at the email address and using an amount of creativity and guesswork we were able to identify the websites of three out of five leads.

Once we had the website we now had the phone number, physical address and name of the main man.

Armed with this information my client can now follow up:

  • On the phone
  • Via social media – especially LinkedIn and Facebook
  • By letter

My point in all this is that if the prospect has taken the trouble to make contact, they must have an amount of interest in what you sell.

God knows why they haven’t responded to emails.

It is of course possible that the emails may go into the junk folder and have never been seen or the prospect is away or who knows what.

Whatever the answer the success of your business may well depend on your perseverance at the follow up.

We all know that the majority of buying decisions are made somewhere between the 7th and 12th  contact.

It’s also well known that the average sales person gives up after 2 – 3 attempts.

So it may well be that it’s not more leads you need at all  but a bit more determination, creativity and bloody mindedness in your follow up.

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