Helping Your Prospects Decide To Buy

Do you go shopping with your partner?


I’m not talking about grocery shopping, I’m talking about more considered purchases such as clothes shopping.

I went clothes shopping with my wife once, years ago and I’ve never done it again.




Because I found it too frustrating.


I’m the kind of shopper who when I find something that fits the bill, I make a decision, buy it and hopefully get home as soon as possible.


Shopping Bags


However I fully understand that most people aren’t like me


They like to consider every little aspect of the purchase, to know every little detail about the product, to ensure that it’s perfect.


In business, customers are exactly the same.


Everyone makes decisions at a different pace – some will be very quick and will only need one or two approaches from you while others will need detailed information and take months or even years to be ready to buy.


Your marketing has got to be able to cater to both types of buyer and all the others in between.


Your job is to be there when buyers are ready to buy but your marketing approach needs to help them to feel ready.

Buy now

This is why your marketing should be a mix of educational and direct response marketing.

  • Education helps the customer understand the market and their choices – giving them the information they need to feel comfortable with making a decision.
  • Direct response with a limited time offer to nudge them over the line.


Is this effective?

Absolutely as it brings in customers at their own speed.


This is why I advocate the use of a marketing funnel to generate the initial contact, auto responders to build the relationship, email marketing to nurture the slow deciders. Add to all this a website that converts visitors to enquirers, a traffic strategy driving people to dedicated landing pages and some remarketing to bring them back to your website and you have a powerful mix of techniques to draw in customers whatever their decision making style.


If all this sounds like a bit of a foreign language to you, get in touch with me by emailing mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or calling me on 01483 200387 and I’ll show you how it’s done.