Grow Your Business – 4 Items to Check

Grow Your Business, courtesy of StariSob, RGBStock.comDo You Want To Grow Your Business But Wonder Why You’re Not Getting The Results You Think You Should?

Lots of people in business work really hard, they put in long hours and then are mystified when they don’t get the results they had hoped for.

There can be lots of reasons for this lack of success but have a look at the issues below. If you’re guilty of some of these then it shouldn’t be too difficult to refocus yourself and rechannel your energies into more productive avenues.

1 Doing the “nice to do” rather than the “need to do”

At the beginning of the day, many of us make a list of things we need to do that day. All the tasks need to be done but some of them will be easy to complete, some not so easy. Some you’ll enjoy doing, some you won’t like so much. Some will have a large effect on your business and some will have very little impact. So the question is how do you prioritise your time and what order do you do the jobs in? The truth is that you probably won’t get all the jobs done every day and some will drop off the list as others take their place.

Too many people will start with the easy jobs, the ones they’re familiar with. Unfortunately these may not be the ones that have the greatest impact on your business.  How easy is it to reorganise your files. How much more would your business gain by you putting together a hard hitting and perfectly targeted marketing campaign.

The business owners who identify the tasks with the greatest benefit for their business and address these first, leaving the less important jobs to last are the ones who reap the benefits.

2. Demanding perfection in all your small business marketing

Perfection is something we all strive for. Perfection in your small business marketing will give you fantastic results but how long will it take you to make everything perfect. Forever is the answer. Waiting for perfection can become an excuse for procrastination.

It’s much better to do your marketing, measure your results and learn from your mistakes. In this way you will be getting closer to perfection and winning new business in the process.

3. Being too similar to your competitors

In most areas of business, there’s  lots of competition – lots of similar businesses offering similar products and services.  How should customers select one company from another? Successful businesses differentiate themselves and make themselves stand out from their competitors. Their products, their service levels, their marketing. It’s because you offer different products to everyone else, presented better and marketed differently that your business will stand out and become the supplier of choice.

4. Being busy for the sake of being busy

Most small business owners work hard. You’re busy trying to grow your business. You’re rushing around, getting frazzled but not getting the results.

It’s very easy to mistake movement for progress. Do you know what you’re trying to achieve. Where are you trying to get to. If you’re going on a journey, you need to have a map of how to get there and an idea of how far it is.

So before you start rushing around like a headless chicken, develop a strategy and a plan and work single mindedly towards your goal.