Google Ads Will Ensure Your Business Can Be Found

Google Ads

Google Ads is probably the most important tool at the disposal of marketers.

Google Ads has been through a lot of changes in the last few years.

The concept is still the same but a lot of the details have changed.

And yes it has become more complicated.

Now that Google has embraced AI and machine learning, the potential of Google Ads is greater than ever.

To get the absolute most from Google Ads you probably do need an expert to help you but you can definitely do a decent job by yourself.

However I regularly hear the same objections from people who are obviously scared of the mighty Google:

  1. Google will take all my money

Yes given the chance Google will empty your bank account.

But it’s up to you to make sure you don’t give it the chance.

You set your daily budget and Google won’t spend more than that.

My daily budget is £8 so my maximum monthly exposure in under £250.

The other point to add on this subject is about ROI.

Returns of £4 or £5 for every £1 spent are common.

If you’re getting that return why would you limit your budget.

  1. How can I compete with the big boys?

This is a legitimate concern.

If you’re going head to head with corporates you won’t outbid them so you need to outsmart them.

Use long tail keywords. Not the obvious, high volume keywords but the more esoteric ones that the corporates don’t target.

Also as it’s your money, you will be much closer to the campaign.

You will be able to manage and monitor it much more closely than your larger competitors.

  1. The ads are too small

Google has made the ads much larger recently.

  • You can now have 3 headlines up to 30 characters each
  • Two description lines of up to 90 characters each plus two URLs and a whole range of extensions.

A full Google ad is now well over 300 characters which gives you real presence.

  1. My competitors will waste my budget by clicking on my ad

It is possible but personally I’ve never experienced it.

Do you do it to your competitors’ ads?

No – well there you go.

So my recommendation, if you’ve never tried it, is to give Google ads a go.

If you’re still unsure, there is a website that’ll give you a second opinion.


Fill out the questions and you’ll get a good idea of whether Google Ads is right for you.

Alternatively of course you can always get me to sort it out for you.

Email me on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or call me on 01483 200387.