Give Customers What They Want

When you are looking to buy something on line, you normally know pretty much what you want.

Say for example say you’re looking for a Honda lawn mower.

What you want in the first instance is a web page selling Honda lawn mowers.

What do you get?

As often as not you get a generic page, maybe the home page of a garden products supplier where you’re presented with an array of chain saws, wheel barrows, strimmers and maybe a lawn mower or two.

So why don’t they take you straight to the relevant page.

Difficult to say really but it must come down to one of the following:

  1. Lack of awareness of how people shop and a belief that people will work hard for what they’re looking for. Unfortunately for lots of people that is entirely wrong. If customers don’t find what they’re looking for immediately, they’ll click away and the chance of making a sale is lost.
  2. The hope that by directing customers to a generic page with lots of different products, that instead of buying just the product they were looking for, they will end up buying a number of products. Again I think this is entirely misguided. If I’m looking for a Honda lawn mower, am I likely to settle for a chain saw instead?

So the question is are you making it easy for your customers to buy from you, are you giving them exactly what they ask for or are you making them work hard to find what they’re looking for? If so you’re probably losing a high percentage of the sales you should be making and need to look at your landing pages as a matter of urgency.