The Future Of Marketing Is Now

My son Sam watches quite a lot of films and I have to admit his taste in movies isn’t exactly highbrow.


His favourite of all time is probably the Back To The Future series. Apparently, he’s seen all three at least 10 times each.


Where did we go wrong?


I’ve seen the first one but neither of the others.


Amazingly the first one was made over 30 years ago and is almost like a bit of a time capsule. You can see what Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg between them thought the future would look like.

The Future of Marketing is Now

Some ideas like hover boards and dehydrated food is sort of reality today but we’re certainly still miles away from flying cars and self-lacing trainers.


But when you think about it there’s one bit where they were miles off.


At one point in the second film, Marty receives a fax!!


I guess in 1989 faxes must have still seemed pretty futuristic.


The digital age and the internet hadn’t even been dreamt of.


Back in the 80s, no one would have believed you if you told them that:

  • In the not too distant future, you’d be able to present your business to anyone, anywhere in the world via your website just when they’re looking for what you sell.
  • That a set up called Facebook would have one in four people in the world as members and you’d be able to target them precisely, showing ads to people who exactly match your target audience……… and that it wouldn’t cost you anything until they actually take a look.
  • That email would enable you to send detailed messages to thousands of carefully selected people at virtually no cost.
  • That via Google Adwords you’d be able to advertise to people who are searching for exactly what you sell and none of your budget would be wasted on uninterested people.
  • That a technique called Remarketing would allow you to track down people who are interested in what you sell, have visited your website but haven’t bitten first time around.


For someone like me who has been in marketing since before the digital age, back in the day, this stuff would have sounded impossible and I would have done anything to get my hands on it.


There’s absolutely no doubt that if you put all this lot together and get them working synergistically, that you can deliver loads of new prospects into your business, allowing you to dramatically grow your business in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost that it would have done in the analogue days.


In the film, there were two different versions of Marty’s dad George. There was the downtrodden guy whose life was going nowhere and the super successful version who had everything under control. If you want to be more like the second version, get in touch by emailing me on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or calling 01483 200387  and we’ll start turbocharging your sales.