Facebook Reduce The Number Of Business Posts You’ll See

Facebook Ads

It’s amazing isn’t it. Facebook change the type of posts you will see in your newsfeed and it makes the national news.

Why is that so newsworthy?

Because about 38 million people in the UK are on Facebook which is about 60% of the population.

In simple terms what they’ve said is that in future you’ll see more posts from family and friends in your newsfeed and fewer business posts.

What this means is that very few people will see posts you put up on your business page which will make it virtually useless as a marketing tool for your business.

So why have Facebook changed the type of post you’ll see?

Well there’s are the reasons they’ve announced and then there are the real reasons.

What they’ve said is they want users to have “more meaningful interactions” and that connecting with people they care about is good for people’s mental wellbeing.

But the truth behind all this though is the fact that the length of time people are spending on Facebook has fallen by 7%. They believe this is due to the amount of professionally made content from brands and business.

And the other reason?

If businesses can’t get their message out to their audience through regular posting, then they’re going to have to use Facebook’s Ad platform. This is where Facebook make almost all their money.

The good news is that Facebook advertising is possibly the most effective form of advertising around today.

In the past if you put an ad in the local paper only a small percentage of the readership would see it and an even smaller percentage would be interested in it.

But Facebook enables you to target your audience with a level of precision never known before. You can target by:
• Age
• Sex
• Interests
• Location
Any virtually any other metric you care to think of – Facebook knows everything about us.

It also works on a pay per click basis so there’s no wasted expenditure – you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website or landing page.

Facebook advertising is:
• Immediate – set it up this morning and your ads will appear this afternoon.
• Measurable – you can track exactly what you spend against the results you get
• Easy to experiment – you can trial any number of different ads to discover which works best

So if you want a regular stream of new leads, you’re currently not using the most powerful and cost effective advertising medium the world has ever seen and you want to help Mark Zuckerberg save for his old age, get in touch on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or call me on 01483 200387