Ensure Your Website Overcomes Prospects’ Objections

For most of us our website is our primary selling tool.


But how good is your website at converting visitors to enquirers?


If it doesn’t convert, the primary reason will be that it’s not satisfying your visitors’ concerns – the questions they want answered.


One area you should pay attention to is the stereotypical complaints people have about your industry – their pet hates.


If you demonstrate that you don’t commit these pet hates, you immediately overcome a load of objections and position yourself as the go-to supplier.


The following are examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Builders – we hate it when jobs take longer than we expect. We hatge it when they leave a mess and when the work costs more than we’ve been quoted.
  • Lawyers – we hate the fact that lawyers often speak a language that we don’t understand. Even worse that you can’t have a telephone conversation without receiving a hefty bill.
  • Marketing people – marketing people are often considered to be smarmy and silver tongued and will say anything to close a deal (absolutely ridiculous I know)


So how do you demonstrate that you’re not guilty of the same sins?


Service Charter

Within a Service Charter you can list all the things people hate. You then make your commitment not to make these mistakes and show what you’ll do to avoid them.


A builder might say “ At the end of every day, we guarantee that we will tidy the site to ensure that  no unsightly mess is left behind”.



Another tool which answers a lot of concerns is a guarantee.


If a builder guarantees that as long as the spec doesn’t change, that they will charge exactly what they’ve quoted, that would give us huge reassurance.


The key to this exercise is to make sure you’re brutally hones. What do people dislike about your industry and how are you going to handle them.


If you can address your audience’s key issues many more prospects will decide to do business with you.


Now what?


You now need to make sure that these key selling messages feature prominently on your website.


My preferred approach is to highlight a couple of them on your home page and link these through to a Why Us page.


To me the Why Us page is a must.


It’s the page where you highlight all the ways in which you stand out and the reasons people should choose to do business with you.


This process is just one of the areas I address in my “Marketing Proposition” workshop. I always do this with all new clients to give them powerful standout from their competition..


To sort out your Marketing Proposition contact me on 01483 200387, email me on mikejennings@bda.me.uk or via the website www.bda.me.uk