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Email – A Key Element Of Your Small Business Marketing

If as a small business, you’re not using email, you’re ignoring one of the cheapest and most effective marketing channels.

One of the cheapest and most effective marketing channels

Here are three ways you can use email to increase your profits

1. Set up auto responder campaigns to improve response.

Email can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Set up an auto responder campaign that automatically sends emails to welcome new subscribers, follows up on important events or campaigns or as part of a sequential campaign, that sends prospects a tailored email dependent on how they have already responded to your marketing activity.

For example, let’s say you send a postcard to your customers driving them to a landing page advertising an upcoming event. A portion of your customers won’t sign up on that first visit to your landing page. That means you need a way to drive them back to that landing page.

Setting up an auto responder campaign that has a sequence of messages that address different objections your prospect might have and then drives them back to your event landing page in the right frame of mind can significantly increase your response to that event.

In fact, using this type of follow-up email sequence has been shown to double, triple and even quadruple your initial response.

2. Use email to get valuable information.

These days everybody is crunching numbers to ensure they are being effective and efficient with their marketing spend.

Some of the most valuable statistics are the response numbers that roll in after an email campaign is sent out.

Reviewing your numbers will help you spot effective offers, stand out content or subscribers who’d respond well to follow up.

Use this information to see what messages are working and incorporate them into your other marketing.

3. Use email to build brand loyalty.

In today’s tough economy, it’s more important than ever to keep your customers happy and engaged.  Consistent emails with interesting and relevant content give you an easy, friendly way to remind your subscribers why they love you.

Plus you can use your email to highlight your company’s strengths, reward your most loyal customers, convert leads into customers and turn your one-time buyers into repeat customers.

But remember, every email you send has got to add value to your database. You must be giving them useful information or a special offer or a tip to help their business. If you start taking your list for granted and start sending them stuff that has no value to them or that isn’t consistent with your brand, you can start to damage your reputation and potentially lose your customers, even loyal ones, forever.