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Customer Contact: Stay in Touch

Customer Contact image courtesy of sanja gjenero, RGBStock.comCustomer contact is how we build relationships and in my book, 10 Essential Business Growth Strategies I highlight the importance of simply staying in touch – with customers and potential customers. There are lots of ways of staying in touch with customers – sometimes called ‘marketing touches’ and our marketing plans should include details of how we will continue to stay in contact. This doesn’t have to be as much work as it might sound at first.

Here are some examples:

  • If you attend a networking event, make sure you at least say ‘hello’ to any attending customers (existing or past ).
  • If you talk to someone at an event, then follow up with an email – see, 2 marketing touches straight away.
  • Newsletters may seem obvious and there is debate about whether they work or are any use. If your newsletter meets a need and arrive sat the right time, then it will work – as long as you have asked for the right action within your newsletter. Newsletters don’t have to be newsletters – they can be announcements or updates, anything that communicates with your customer and provides something useful.
  • Making a telephone call or sending a letter, especially after you‘ve met someone keeps the contact going.

Plan your customer contacts into your overall marketing plan and it makes contact more efficient – you know when to contact someone and then you can look into using technology to automate the process – even more efficient.

For help keeping in contact with your customers and growing your business, read the essentials in the book.