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Content Marketing -The New Approach To Small Business Marketing

Content marketing is when you provide your audience with useful and valuable information on your subject of expertise.

Some of the most savvy small business owners today, use content marketing to educate their prospective clients and engage them.  For example, they write regular blog posts, which offer useful information that will be of direct interest to their ideal prospective client.  Then, when these people need someone with your expertise or products, you become massively more likely to get their inquiry and business, than some guy they find in a directory.

So, today’s informed small business owners are transitioning from pestering people on bought lists to attracting inquiries by regularly showcasing their expertise.

When handled correctly, this can be an amazingly powerful form of marketing.  It’s also a fraction of the cost of advertising and mailings etc, and the results can be amazing.

Today, it’s all about producing regular, valuable content

The primary challenge with content marketing is the content.  Great, regularly published content to be exact.  Previously, business owners needed to be careful not to put too much information in front of prospective clients. Today we have the exact opposite situation!  Today, the most successful small business content marketers, publish information for their prospective clients several times per week..

If you want to join the new school of small business marketing, it requires some new skills and a mindset change.  The mindset change is easy enough.  It’s the shift from pushing sales messages to sharing ideas or education.  It’s about remembering that whilst people LOVE to buy things, they HATE to be sold to.

The skills required are easy enough to learn, but they take time to master.  Content marketing, which includes; blogging, newsletter marketing, article marketing, videos etc, requires regular content.  It’s no good producing 3 bits of content marketing one week and then nothing for the next month. You need to produce valuable information on a reliably regular basis.

So if you want to profit from this new educational phenomenon, start regularly sharing your expertise with your prospects. You will soon start being regarded as the expert in your field and business will in all likelihood follow shortly afterwards.

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