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Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

Digital marketing or internet marketing has revolutionised marketing over the last few years.

A whole new world of possibilities has been opened up, with new options being continuously developed, but the sad fact is that very few businesses are successfully harnessing the power of the internet and getting the return that they should.


So where do they go wrong and what are the common internet marketing mistakes that you should be avoiding like the plague.

The following points will give you some pointers:

They don’t understand the importance of building an opted in list

Something like 99% of visitors will leave websites without making contact in any way.

This is a massive waste.

These people have searched out your website because they have a problem which they hope you can solve.

For whatever reason they decide not to purchase or contact you so they disappear. But if you offer them something of value (a white paper, a special report) in exchange for their contact details you can start building a list and then begin marketing to them.

You should start with an auto responder sequence so that very quickly after they’ve signed up they start receiving emails from you.

If the auto responder sequence doesn’t convert them they drop into your email marketing system  and maybe at a later date, when their need is greater or they feel confident in you, they might make a purchase.

They don’t communicate regularly with their list

Once you have names on your database, you need to communicate regularly with the list.

This will enable you to demonstrate your expertise, your personality, your willingness to help and add value and give you the opportunity to make special offers and sell stuff.

Within your emails you should have links either to your website or to dedicated landing pages – either way you want to move people down the funnel towards buying something from you.

How often you communicate with your list will depend on how often you can add value. As long as you’re adding value you can communicate as often as you like.

They have a poor quality website

You have around 8 seconds when people land on your website before they click away. In that time your website has got to persuade them they’re in the right place.

There are two elements that will make them decide:

  1. Content – your website has got to have high quality content that will give answers to whatever questions your visitors have.
  2. Design – how your website looks will have a large influence on the way people respond. While the design mustn’t get in the way of function, a visually appealing website will be more effective than an ugly one.

They don’t have a traffic strategy

So even if they do have an excellent website, if nobody visits it, it’s still not going to help the business.

So you must have a strategy to drive traffic to your website.

There are a number of ways of doing this but the two primary ones are:

  1. Pay per click – Google Adwords is the primary ppc player but all the other search engines and social media platforms have their own versions. Google Adwords are the small advertisements which appear at the top and right hand side of the results page.

The great thing with Adwords is that you can be on the front page of Google within minutes of setting up your campaign and it only costs you money when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

  1. SEO – search engine optimisation takes longer to achieve good rankings than Adwords and Google is continuously moving the goal posts as to the criteria it ranks websites on.

The plus side is that if you appear on the first page of the organic listings, you’ll get a regular stream of customers looking for what you sell.

If you avoid committing these common internet marketing mistakes, you will find your digital marketing will start delivering a regular stream of prospects.