The Importance Of Marketing

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of marketing.

I had a meeting last week with a guy who installs commercial kitchens in schools.

He’d been going three years and is turning over £900k.

He wants to break the million barrier and as he does no marketing at all currently, he understands firstly the importance of marketing and secondly that with a bit of activity he could hit his target quite easily.

So we worked out a basic plan and put a date in the diary for when we’d start working.

The day before our first meeting he phoned to say that he was too busy to have the meeting as he had seven jobs about to start.

Now his issue is that schools make changes and upgrades to their kitchens during the school holidays and so July and August are his peak times.

I fully understand that now is not the best time for his focus to be drawn away from actually doing the work.

But his problem, as I pointed out to him, is that come September he’s likely to be sitting twiddling his thumbs with very little work to do.

Not surprisingly he was completely aware of that and claimed to be “one million percent” committed to the plan we’d created.

We left it that when he’s got a moment that he’ll get back in touch.

To be honest I’m not holding my breath.

This guy’s a classic example of business owners who claim to understand the importance of marketing but when it comes down to it, they don’t prioritise it.

I see this so often

Business owners have to realise that if they’re going to take the business forward they need to stop working exclusively “in” the business and start working “on” it.

But they’ve always worked that way, they comfortable doing it that way, they often believe that they’re the only people who can do it right.

The fact is that working like this you will reach a ceiling beyond which it’s impossible to go.

This is absolutely fine if that’s what you’re happy with.

However if you do have aspirations for a bigger business, to earn more money and to create something that you can potentially sell, you must take that step.

Of course it involves letting go a bit,  it involves planning it bit more, it involves moving on from having a job to running a business and that may not be for everyone.

But if you genuinely want to create something bigger and potentially give yourself more time to enjoy what you’ve created, it is a step you have to take sooner or later.

What will I do now with the lead?

I’ll add him to my database so that I keep in contact with him weekly, I’ll pick up the phone every so often, I’ll keep myself in his consciousness as a regular reminder of this “million percent commitment” and we’ll see what happens.

If you understand the importance of marketing and know that it’s time you got some help with it, give me a shout on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk , call me on 01483 200387.