The Objective Of Your Marketing

What’s the objective of your marketing?

I would assume it’s to win and retain new customers.

There are a number of steps which need to be gone through before someone decides to become a customer.

I’m talking about the “Know, Like, Trust” process.

To this end I send out an email to my database every week.

Last week one of my list unsubscribed.

She sent me quite an angry email explaining why:

“I generally have found them thought provoking and interesting reading, but the crossover with your political agenda is not conducive to a light hearted informative newsletter/marketing message. To say the least it becomes confusing as to what the objective of your marketing actually is!”

I replied to her explaining that I look at what’s happening in the world and in my life for inspiration each week, that I have absolutely no political agenda and that I deliberately express opinions in order to show a bit of my personality to help the know and like parts of the process.

Her reply was:

“Of course you look for inspiration from what is happening around you, current affairs etc, but perhaps you don’t realise that your political leanings (bias?) shine through for all to see.”

My reply was that I have never endorsed any particular parties or put forward my own political views.

She had obviously made certain assumptions about my political affiliations and decided she doesn’t like them.

But they are just that – assumptions not facts.

I could have pointed out that coming to conclusions without substantiating facts is very dangerous.

But life’s too short.

I went on to explain the thought process behind my approach.

This is where know, like, trust comes in and it’s the marketer’s job to achieve this.

By revealing aspects of my personality through my opinions and humour I enable people to get to know me a bit.

Whether they like what they find out about me or not is outside of my control.

But that’s my aim.

Another objective of your marketing I expect is to attract like-minded people and repel the others.

They’re never going to become clients or advocates so don’t worry about them.

For this reason I don’t worry about unsubscribes and nor should you.

The last item – trust – I try to engender by:

  1. Providing good, real world advice that everyone can use
  2. By being reliable and turning up in their inboxes every Wednesday morning.

So my advice to you is to avoid being vanilla in your marketing.

Have the courage to be outspoken.

Some people will be repelled but others will love it and be drawn to you.

These are the people you should focus on as they may well become your clients.

So if the objective of your marketing is to win and retain new customers, I’d love to help.