A Marketing Masterclass

I received a marketing masterclass  the other day.

A flyer came through the door that ticked so many marketing boxes that I wanted to share it.

It was from a company called The Eve Mattress and guess what – they sell mattresses.

So what made it a marketing masterclass?

  1. Clear design

The design and text of the flyer were pretty minimal which ensured that the key messages had real prominence.

Powerful offer

The primary message was £120 off – with prices starting from £349.

Everyone likes a deal and a promotional offer always significantly increases response rates.

Time limited

They put a time limit on the offer which again increases response rates. If an offer is open ended then people feel no pressure to take action.

Free trial

The key thing with a mattress is that it should be comfortable.

While you can bounce around on it in a showroom, you never really know if your back is going to like it until you’ve slept on it for 8 hours.

So these people are offering a 100 night free trial.

For those people who are undecided, because they’ve got a dodgy back, this would give them the confidence to give it a go.

If they don’t like it they can always send it back.

Free delivery and free returns

They even make it really easy and free to send it back.

Super simple sales process

They understand that we want everything to be super simple.

It’s a 3 step process:

  1. Visit us online and select the foam mattress
  2. Choose a size and add to cart
  3. Apply the code overleaf for £120 off

And that’s it – it really couldn’t be any simpler but in case you still want to get in touch the phone number (0800 of course) and email address are prominently featured.

Carefully crafted text

The text has been skilfully honed – there are no extraneous padding words.

They talk about next generation memory foam …… the perfect amount of bounce and support…….. resulting in a cool and tranquil night’s sleep.

And when you go to the website, the messages, creative style and tone of voice are all consistent and aligned.

It really is a marketing masterclass.

The other point is they’re being brave. I always encourage clients to introduce a free trial or guarantee and regularly hear that it’s too risky.

These guys have done their sums. If they were to find that it’s uneconomic, they can always stop offering the free trial.

If I was in the market for a new mattress I would definitely be persuaded.

If you need someone who can put together great marketing like this in order to make the buying process so easy, get in touch on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk  or call me on 014183 200387