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How To Make Selling Easy

Whether you’re a butcher, baker or a maker of candles, I’m sure you’re brilliant at what you do.


But the fact is if you run a small business, whatever sector you’re in, your success or failure will be down to the amount of sales you make.

One of the glories of running a small business is the wearing of multiple hats and the selling hat is one you need to get comfortable in.

Now when I say selling, I don’t mean the old fashioned foot in the door approach. I’m going to show you how you can make selling easy and sell your business but without really having to sell at all.

Tell your story

We all love stories.

Speakers who tell stories retain their audience’s attention far better than those who don’t.

Every business has a story:

  • What made you set it up in the first place
  • How you started with no money, no staff but with passion and hunger

Whatever your story, it’s genuine human experience and people will be interested in it. Modern digital marketing is based on engaging people and providing quality content.

Identify what makes you different, what makes you stand out and tell your story in your sales materials – your website and your sales literature.

People will remember you for it and identify with you and the sales process has begun.

Refine your proposition

While we all know that people buy people, what they actually do is buy products that solve their problems from people they like.

So you have to make sure that your proposition – the way you  position your products or services enables potential customers to quickly see how they will benefit.

  • Define exactly what your product does from both your point of view and the customer’s point of view.
  • What benefits does your product deliver?
  • What problems in your customers’ lives does it solve?
  • How do you and your product differ from your competitors?
  • How can you remove the risk for customers?

Once your proposition is in place, you won’t need high pressure sales techniques to sell it.

Attract your customers

The internet has revolutionised the sales process.

In the old days you had to go out and find your customers. Now your customers will search you out.

This starts with a Google search so the first thing you need is an effective website which does more than look pretty – it also generates responses.

Of course your site must appear in the search rankings so your need to ensure that your site is properly SEOed so that Google can find it.

But Google is continuously moving the goalposts so perhaps you should be doing Google Adwords to ensure that you’re on that all important first page.

And then you can chase them around the internet via Remarketing, continuously showing them your ads.

Don’t forget social media which will allow you to position your business out there where the conversations are taking place.

The new digital world allows you to be selling 24/7 without leaving your armchair so embrace it.

Give it away

Another way the internet has completely changed the way we do business, is that virtually any information you could possibly want is available for free.

Again you should get on board. Don’t worry about giving away your best stuff. If they don’t get it from you they’ll get it somewhere else and giving stuff away is a great starting point for a relationship and demonstrates your expertise.

So become the go to resource.

Again you’re selling but without really selling.

Now I say selling, but are the things I’ve described sales or marketing? To be honest it doesn’t really matter, but all these areas are ones I cover in my “done for you” marketing process.

So if you want to be continuously selling (or marketing) get in touch.