Digital marketing strategy

A Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

I had a meeting last week with a guy whose business is virtual offices, who needed a small business digital marketing strategy.

Basically for a monthly fee, he provides a prestigious central London address, a telephone answering service, mail forwarding and meeting room facilities.

A perfect set up for someone who wants to project the image of a substantial and established business, while sitting in his or her pyjamas somewhere in the back of nowhere.

So I started digging to find out the profile of his customers and where they might be based.

His customers could be anyone from one man start ups to significant businesses who just want a central London address.

Additionally they could be anywhere in the world, especially America.

Now from a marketer’s point of view, this makes life more difficult.

In marketing you want to be able to niche your audience as much as possible so that you can tailor your proposition precisely to their needs.

The geography complicates things as well. Life is much easier if you are marketing within a specified geographic area.

I explained to him that he should concentrate on attraction marketing techniques – ie he should put his stuff, his information out there so that people find him.

Proactively communicating to this diverse audience would not be realistic.

So the digital marketing strategy I outlined to him was:

  1. To create a customer proposition that differentiated his service from other virtual office suppliers, focusing on the problems he solved for them, the benefits he delivered and some powerful incentive to sign up.
  2. To build these messages into his website, so that the website worked effectively to convert visitors to enquirers.
  3. To put in place a traffic strategy to drive people to the site. This would focus primarily on Google Adwords.
    I didn’t recommend Facebook Ads, as the primary strength of Facebook is in the precise targeting it provides and his audience is way too diverse.
  4. To get a listing on Google My Business.
    GMB is the map which appears under the Google Ads at the top of the page.
    3 or 4 businesses are listed here with arrows on the map and a listing underneath. Remarkably this is a free service.
  5. To set up a remarketing campaign so that he could show ads to people who have already visited his site in order to drive them back to his website and reconsider his offering.

In those five points I gave him the basis for a digital marketing strategy.

The great thing about it is once set up, although the website and the Adwords need regular monitoring and tweaking, in essence the campaign will run itself.

If you would like would like me to put together a similar strategy for your business, which will deliver new enquiries on auto pilot, get in touch on or call me on 01483 200387.