Creative thinking

The Importance Of Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and thinking differently are vitally important in marketing.

Following the herd and doing what everyone else does will give you the results everyone else gets.

Surely that’s not what you want?

A classic example of this is Christmas cards.

I pity the poor postmen at this time of year.

Struggling round the houses, lugging massive heavy bags full of Christmas cards.

Personally I think Christmas cards can be a great way to maintain contact with friends you might not see regularly.

But on a business level I think they’re a complete waste of time.

Why do people send them to their customers?

In essence it’s part of their marketing efforts – trying to stay in touch and in their customers’ consciousness.

But does it work?

In my opinion no and I would urge you not to do it.

They’re opened, glanced at in a perfunctory manner, stuck on top of the filing cabinet and dumped in the bin on the 2nd January.


Because everyone does it.

It’s just lazy thinking – certainly not creative thinking.

They don’t say anything about your business, they don’t stand out, and they don’t differentiate your business in any way.

Businesses do it because they’ve always done it.

It’s easier to keep on doing it than think of something different to do.

And that goes for a lot of businesses whole approach to marketing.

The whole point of marketing is to stand out, to grab the recipients’ attention and give them reasons why they should buy your product.

Christmas cards fail on every measure of marketing effectiveness.

A few years back I persuaded a client that sending their normal card was a waste of time and money but proposed instead to do a Happy January card.

The front image was a bloke who obviously over-indulged over Christmas with the ironic greeting of Happy January.

Inside it explained that they were sending a card in January because they thought differently to others.

It then went on to spell out the benefits they delivered.

I would be very confident that it would have had a significant impact.

It would have been retained for a considerable time and would have differentiated them from the great mass of other suppliers.

Genuine creative thinking.

That is what good marketing is all about.

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