Make It Clear What Your Brand Stands For


Within the crowded markets we all operate in, it’s vital that you make it clear what your brand stands for.

Wimbledon’s just recently finished but raised an issue that I want to look at today.

Because the World Cup and Wimbledon overlapped there was a debate about whether Wimbledon were going to show the football on the big screen.

Predictably Wimbledon said no.

There was a feeling that this was a typically narrow minded decision by a bunch of self important old duffers.

How pompous and arrogant were they to defy public opinion and deny the punters this oh so rare opportunity.

But hold on – let’s consider the situation for a moment from a marketing point of view and see what learnings there are here for all our businesses.

Wimbledon is one of the world’s strongest brands – synonymous with just one thing.

What would the implications for their brand be if they now started screening football?

Football this year, maybe WWF or darts next year.

OK unlikely but the point is that focusing on anything but tennis can only dilute the brand.

While that might please some, it would probably enrage a large section of their upper middle class clientele.

So whether you’re a butcher, baker or maker of fine candles, you want to become famous for that thing you do and you make it very clear what your brand stands for.

You don’t want to start diluting your brand by introducing something which conflicts with your key offering.

Brand Extensions

Brand extensions are fine if there’s an obvious link to your core products and can be marketed under your primary brand.

But something with no logical connection will only confuse your customers about what it is your brand stands for.

How would you react if the aforementioned butcher or baker started selling car batteries next to the rump steak or crusty rolls.

So to build the strength of your brand and become famous for what you do, make sure your product range stays focussed around your core offering.

If you need help with ensuring it’s clear what your brand stands for, give me a shout on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk  or call me on 01483 200387.