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What is Business Development?

Image courtesy of Michał Koralewski, RGBStock.comBusiness development is the process of growing a business. –  and will often involve all elements of marketing. Additionally you will need to utilise good business disciplines such as upselling and cross selling to existing customers, supplying exceptional service, ranging, merchandising etc. The list is long and extensive.

Business development for the small business is often focused around generating new business, making profitable sales to new and existing customers. The key tool for doing this is marketing.


There are many aspects to marketing, however two important elements are to:

  • Identifying what products and services the market wants to buy
  • Communicating your products and services persuasively so that customers buy from you.

Business Development Marketing

Focusing on the second element (assuming your small businesses already knows what the market will buy), here are five top tips for business development marketing:

  1. Remember that online marketing should support offline marketing – you need both, so don’t neglect one.
  2. Use direct mail
  3. Use email marketing
  4. Raise the business profile through PR
  5. Develop a referral marketing plan

Business development advice can help every small business to grow. Helping to identify areas where costs can be reduced and providing ways to increase income. Find out more about business development advisors services.

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Business Development Advisors

Mike Jennings from BDAWelcome to Help to Grow my Business – a blog brought to you by Mike Jennings of Business Development Advisors.

We are business development experts, based just outside Guildford in Surrey. We work with small and medium sizes companies to rapidly grow their turnover and more importantly their profit. We generate new customers for our clients and make sure that they retain and maximise the value of their existing customers.

We will bring rapid and sustainable growth to your business.

For an initial, no obligation chat to find out how Business Development Advisors can help your business either call us on 01483 200387 or fill out the Contact  Us form