Business Growth through Leads and Sales

Sales Process image courtesy of Steve Woods, RGBStock.comBusiness Growth can come from more sales and more sales can come from understanding where leads and sales come from and then improving the process.

Lead Generation and Sales Process Analysis

  1. Know your lead generation process – (or make sure you have one!). Everyone in business has a lead generation process, even if it’s just attending an event or advertising locally then sitting back and waiting. Some processes work better than others!Understand your sales generation process by answering questions such as:
    • Where do leads come from?
    • How many of them become sales?
    • How long does it take from lead to sale?
    • How many leads are being generated per month?
    • How many leads are needed to achieve business targets?


  2. Dig into the information you have and ask more questions to understand the whole sales process.
    • Why do customers buy from us?
    • How did our customers find us?
    • How can we increase conversion rates?
    • Why do we lose customers?

    This will allow us to uncover the sales process we actually use – or maybe that will be the sales processes we actually use. Understanding what we do and what works will allow a new, efficient, sales process to be defined that can be repeated. A repeatable process can then be used to increase efficiency in lead generation and sales.

A Repeatable Sales Process

From the work done in step one, look at the full sales process and work out how it can repeated faster and faster – that will generate more leads and so more sales. More sales is business growth.

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